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  5. "We are drinking his beer."

"We are drinking his beer."

Translation:Wir trinken sein Bier.

October 31, 2017



Why not Wir trinken seinen Bier?


Because seinen is masculine accusative, but Bier is neuter, not masculine.


These accusative, nominative, narrative bants is irking me


In acc it should have veeb seines tho. Thijk we are confused as of why its not in acc :/


The possessive adjectives inflect like ein or kein -- so they have no ending in the neuter accusative.


Can someone tell me why sein here is nominative and not accusative? We have "wir" as nominative, so "sein" has to be accusative.


"sein" is accusative but "Bier" is neuter and neuter articles don't change in the accusative - only masculine ones do.


why sein and why not ihr


why sein and why not ihr

Because it's his beer (= sein Bier) and not her beer (= ihr Bier).


I think it would be helpful to include articles to the word we are supposed to decline


Why it is not "seines Bier"?


Why it is not "seines Bier"?

Just the way it is.

ein, kein, sein, unser and other words that inflect similarly have no ending for masculine nominative, neuter nominative, or neuter accusative.


Why would this be counted wrong when my answer is exactly like the response??


Why would this be counted wrong when my answer is exactly like the response??

Since nobody can see what you wrote, referring to things such as "this" or "my answer" is not helpful -- instead, please quote your entire answer when you have a question, or even better, post the URL to a screenshot that you have uploaded to a website somewhere and that shows the question, your answer, and the error message.

My guess is that you made a small typo which you did not notice but which made your answer not exactly the same as Duo's preferred translation.

But without seeing what you wrote, nobody can say for sure.

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