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  5. "You have to eat galbi!"

"You have to eat galbi!"

Translation:갈비를 먹어야 돼요!

October 31, 2017



Whats the difference between 야 돼다/하다


According to what I was told, -야 하다 implies a bit more agency than -야 되다, but the line seems to be quite blurred. Also I heard some people say -야 되다 is a Japanism and shouldn't be used at all, but I don't know if that etymology is accurate (and even if it is I don't agree that that disqualifies the construction from being "proper" modern Korean).


In these exercises it looks like 돼다 refers to instructions or the order of things while 하다 is more circumstantial.


I was told the first means "must" and the second means "should" and is better for a suggestion such as this

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