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"Misschien geeft hij het boek aan jou."

Translation:Maybe he is giving the book to you.

10 months ago



Is misschien might or maybe, in last section when I used maybe it was marked wrong and I had to use might. For this question when I used might "he might give the book to you" I am corrected with "maybe he gives the book to you". If someone could help me out with an explanation I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

10 months ago


So the question is if:
"He might give you" = "Maybe he gives you"

And if not, do we have separate translations for both phrases. According to google translate:

He might give you = Hij zou je kunnen geven

Maybe he gives you = Misschien geeft hij jou

10 months ago


I agree, the same happened to me...

10 months ago

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Why "jou" and not "jouw"?

10 months ago


Object Pronoun: Jou - you (singular, informal) Possessive Pronoun: Jouw - your (singular, informal)

7 months ago


Why not "maybe he gives the book to you" with present indefinite rather than present continuous?

7 months ago


I answered that and was marked correct.

3 months ago