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  5. "Žerou kočky pavouky?"

"Žerou kočky pavouky?"

Translation:Do cats eat spiders?

October 31, 2017



Just one small change in pronunciation would make it, let's say, unsettling.
Žerou kočky pavouci?


That is why proper conjugation is so darn important!


So that is "do spiders eat cats?" And if so, the position of the 2 nouns in this sentence is rather irrelevant and comprehension is dependent on the knowledge that Žerou needs an acc. pl. to be found in pavouky and it if were nom pl, we would see pavouci? Have I got that right?


Yes. Compare "Kočky honí děti." and "Děti honí kočky." Both of these can mean either "Children are chasing cats." or "Cats are chasing children." Both meanings are possible for both word orders.


Wow, you can do a lot with jokes. Wordplay is fun for standup comics.


Why is '' Are cats eating spiders?'' incorrect?


Which cats? Just now? I can perhaps imagine the cats, but just cats... not too much.


Let's say somebody is asking about eating habits of cats in general, this person can say 'are cats eating...?'. I agree that 'Do cats eat...?' is more common, but 'are cats eating...' is also used (e.g. Are cats eating your plants? https://planttimes.com/cats-eating-plants-maybe-cat-grass-can-help/). Would 'Are cats eating spiders?' be translated differently in Czech?

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