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Czech course needs to include an extensive vocabulary list including the SEX/animate status!

Hello, Ahoj

Fellow Czech students. I've had in my own experience been able to decypher the sex of nouns fairly easily by deduction from the exercises and examples.

Though as I've been lately progressing through the course I have found it extremely difficult to at the same time learn new words, their sex AND combine this with the new grammer inflection.

I feel like a very good addition on the top of the already existing course information would be a list of words per module that includes the aforementioned information per word. I know this would help me focus more on the grammar and learn about the words on the way.

Just my two cents. I'm enjoying the course so far, thanks a lot already!

October 31, 2017



I think your issue is with Duolingo as a whole, rather than the Czech course. I don't believe any course contains a word list, which I assume is by design to minimize extra information. However, I agree that it's nice to have a centralized database/means of studying pure vocab. I keep a running database of all of the course vocab (along with declensions, aspectual pairs, other Czech-specific grammar) on Anki (https://apps.ankiweb.net/), which doubles as a fantastic and highly customizeable flashcard app.

Example: to study locative declension of inanimate, hard nouns, I have a card that says 'loc. in. hard' with examples of corresponding nouns (hrad, pátek) on the front, then the endings and declined forms of example words on the back. I don't personally fully decline every noun I add to Anki, as learning the paradigms seems more efficient, but you absolutely could tinker with the format of the cards to add space for each case, or even add a space that indicates the paradigm a noun belongs to (rather than simply the gender). The drawback is naturally having to create the database yourself, but I honestly think my Czech is exponentially better than it would be had I just found a pre-made word list somewhere.

Hodně štěstí!



Yeah, I don't know if Duolingo automatically creates Tinycard lists for each lesson, but I think they really should, especially if they included the gender of the nouns, and the aspect for verbs

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