OK so i have a question. I started out with 9 ingots this morning but now I only have 3. If anyone knows whats wrong it would be very helpful to let me know. Thank You! Frohlich Halloween!

October 31, 2017


I dunno, something like this happened to me a few days ago. Try refreshing your page, and if that doesn't work, see if you gave any away. Good luck with your German!

I only gave one away this morning. That was to a girl named Gabby. But that was the first ingot I have ever given away. Thank You for your help anyway though.

I gave you two lingots but tell me what are they useful for??? I think there is nothing to buy

That is weird. Because I had 14 then I had like a 993! Sorry that happened:(

Its ok its not your fault. ..................or is it lol

There is and i like to give them to people to you know kinda thank them for helping.

Thank you sooo much!

Should I give you some lingots??

Up to you. But I appreciate you trying to help!

It appears someone has donated the lost lingots for you.

Did you donate lingots to me to? You guys are soo nice. (even if you didnt donate)

Did you buy "double or nothing" in the shop? It costs 5 lingots.

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