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  5. "It is 6:16."

"It is 6:16."


October 31, 2017



Whoa, that's a wicked number you got there


It feels like such a mouthful, but i guess it must roll off okay if you're fluent


Would someone be able to translate this into hiragana? I don't fully understand the nuances of how numbers are pronounced sometimes :(


ろくじ じゅうろくふん or じゅうろっぷん です


Could you explain why you say OR?

Some materials do not have 音便 or attach different 音便. It puzzles me from time to time if it is a misprint or they are really interchangeable.


6 is ろく but when it is combined with a following word it will sometimes change to ろっ.

In English we also change the sound of a word. For example "an" and "a" would be used depending on the following word. This is also like when we pronounce a "t" as a "d" or when we drop "t" from the ends of our words.

It is difficult to say some sounds after く, so a space is added and it is blended together.

ろっぴき(六匹)= roku + hiki = change to っpiki

ろっぷん(六分)= roku + hun = change to っpun

ろっぱい(六杯)= roku + hai = change to っpai

ろっこ (六個)= roku + ko = change to っko

ろくじ (六時)= roku + ji

ろくとう(六頭)= roku + tou

ろくだい(六台)= roku + dai

Can you see the patterns?

When you have a く sound followed by an "H" sound, the く is changed to a small っ and the "H" is changed to a "P" sound.

When you have two K sounds like く and こ next to each other it is hard to say, so く becomes a っ.

Other words that are similar to the words above (j, t, d) are pretty easy to say after く and don't need to be changed.


Thank you. Although I have an idea about these changes myself, it is helpful for other learners.

My question is actually whether it is a MUST?

If someone says

ろくふん or ろっぶん

rather than


Do we say it is a mistake?


Hello again Keith!

Sorry about that, I got off on a tangent of typing.

ろくふん is a mistake. It will always be ろっぷん.

If you send ろくふん to a Japanese friend they will probably reply with question marks asking if you meant ろっぷん.

This is based on real life experience. : D


No one ever says ろっぶん. ろくふん isn't wrong, but it isn't used a lot in speech. ろっぷん is the most natural.


Thank you very much !

That was a mystery of a century for me!




Wow that is hard to say, talk about a tongue twister, hope nobody asks me what time it is in Japanese at 6:16


Could someone please put this into Romanji for me, so I am sure I get it...I am linguistically challenged....


Amen, learning time has been rather interesting.

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