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The difference: between Menschen, Personen, und Leute.?

Difference and also other words for peeps I missed.

grüße liebe cluney.

October 31, 2017



Hey native speaker here... Menschen means the species of "humans" (litterally trasnlated) Personen is some kind of neuter term for people. in formal language you can talk this way about people you want to give a description to...as an example. its difficult ill take another example: In the german radio they'd say: There are "Personen" on the road. The police officer to his chef: they are three "Personen" in the bank. A sign on a boat: can take a maximum of 6 "Personen". Its difficult, but youll manage Leute is an equivalent to the people. A general term for the people in different contextes


I think there is not a difference. You can say "Menschen", "Personen" or "Leute". It is depending on your preference or the context.

"peeps": https://www.linguee.de/deutsch-englisch/search?source=auto=peeps=336

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