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To those who friended me...

I don't mind if you friend me, but I hope all those who do, are not offended if i do not friend you guys back. The thing is. if I don't know you, why should I friend you? Does anyone else not friend someone when they friend you?

October 31, 2017



I add people when I think they can be a good reference, suitable for competition. Although the notification when someone adds you here on Duolingo says "someone added you as a friend", I consider them more like "fellow language enthusiasts who consider me a potential reference". There's no need to take it so deeply outside of that context.


I usually don't friend people for there is nothing to do with this status. You can't text them, you can't follow their actions, nothing. So, generally speaking, this "friend' thing here is worthless. I friended two persons just to support them in a nasty discussion (and for their intelligent comments) but that's it. So I'd say it's OK the way you keep it. I do it likewise


I usually friend back, because it's not a social network like Facebook. It doesn't give them access to anything private, so why not?


Well, I think the main reason to friend people now is because for motivation purposes ;)


Exactly! While it's called "adding a friend", I don't see it as a real friendship of the type I have with people I spend time with offline. Nor can I really develop that kind of relationship, since there is no private messaging. But I like seeing how I measure up points-wise with the people I follow.

[deactivated user]

    It's pretty normal; lots of people do this. Don't worry about it. (^‿^)


    I don't. I usually tell people if I am not going to friend them back. Actually I literally say the exact same thing you just said.


    I sometimes friend them back, it depends on their profile, and how they act in discussions.


    I'm following some people (for certain reasons) that aren't following me back, but I'm not offended ;) So I don't think it matters. I like your intention though :)


    Nice...we're opposites...I friend back anyone who friends me...just because of symmetry...


    I agree. It is nice to do that. But, then I don't know about friending people I don't know. And I also like a few friends. Go ahead and friend me, but I might not friend you back.

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