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  5. "형사가 우체부를 면접할 것입니다."

"형사가 우체부를 면접할 것입니다."

Translation:The detective will interview the postal worker.

October 31, 2017



형사가 왜 우체부를 면접하지? ^^


Ahhh poor postman, he's in trouble for investigating


刑事가 郵遞夫를 面接할 것입니다.


Maybe I'n dinosaur, but I remember 할것 입니다 to mean "probably will do," not "will do". Whatever happened to 하겠읍니다?


They both mean will do. The 하겠습니다 structure does have the nuance of a more concrete intent to do something in future, but it is also a lot more formal and is used mainly with the 니다 form.

할 것입니다 means will do also but is less formal and carries a little less concrete intent to do something in future - however that doesn't mean it carries the connotation of probably or maybe doing something.


Why is A detective wrong here instead of the detective?


집배원 could be used instead of 우체부. It is both used as an abbrieviation for postal worker, which would be 우편집배원.


You are exactly right


But what is really the difference between 형사 and 명탐정?


The latter is a famous detective like Sherlock Holmes. 名探偵 is literally a named detective, one whose name has become known. Another example for manga fans is Detective Conan, the Japanese title uses 名探偵.


What does it mean? Does it mean: 1. The detective will be the interviewee, and he wants the job of postal worker 2. The detective will be the interviewer, and the postal worker will be his interviewee ?

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