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Customizable flash card app?

Does anyone know of a good customizable flash card app where the user can choose the vocab in the flash cards?

I've noticed that most apps either choose random words or preset groups or words.

I'd like to create and add to a flash card set that parallels my Duolingo lessons.


November 1, 2017


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Memrise is pretty good at what you ask. I have not created any courses myself because there are so many already done!!!

What I like about Memrise is that you can easily work on subsets (of your choice) of any given course and that you can add your own Mems to existing courses!

What don't like about it is that it does not seem to allow for multiple answers and typing is not user friendly (like Duo is, in that it allows typos to some level!)...


Anki allows you to customize cards however you see fit and it is popular and free so there's a lot of decks already made by others https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/


In Tiny cards they have the preset groups and you can create your own set for yourself or to share with others.


I don't know how much customization you want and how tech-savvy you are but I use Flashcards Deluxe with great satisfaction =) You can create decks within the app or externally through a text file or spreadsheet. There's also lots of settings you can configure.

Personally I use a database on my laptop which contains all words and a programming script which generates a txt-file in my Dropbox (which then can be used to import/update the deck in the app), but that's not the simplest solution hehe (just trying to show some possibilities ;-))


I have used Quizlet for my Duolingo sets.

To create sets, I mostly type in whole sentences: I find this more useful than isolated words because I have to remember to use the appropriate particles and/or verb forms. I study in "Write" mode, going from English to Japanese. (There are many other study modes, too.) Also nice: Quizlet has audio, so I can have the Japanese words or sentences read to me.

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