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Lesson Feedback: Dative Case lesson 3

I just strengthened Dative Case, lesson 3/3, but half of the questions were simple sentences that didn't use the dative at all (e.g. "Er sagt ja", "Sie sagt nein").

It seems like something might be mixed up here? It looks like "sagt" is one of the words for this lesson, but why?

November 1, 2017



I think these are just filler sentences. Maybe they will be replaced later with more relevant ones.


But they are in the Dative skill since a long time now.


I'm guessing that sagt was included there because it is often used with a dative indirect object to indicate whom you told something, e.g. er sagt seiner Mutter die Wahrheit or wir sagen deinem Vater, dass wir heute später kommen.

Example sentences are, in general, associated with the earliest lesson that includes all of the words in that sentence -- so sentences with sagen and very simple other words will end up there even if those examples aren't reinforcing "dative".

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