"We say we will train."

Translation:우리는 조련할 거라고 합니다.

November 1, 2017

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What does 거라고 mean here?


Will train - 조련할 거예요.

Adding that someone is commanding something, you add -라고 하다. 엄마가 가라고 했어 = Mom said to go.

It's just a little odd to see it for the first time with the future tense because you add -라고 하다 to the end of the future form, not the verb itself. 조련할 거예요 minus 예요 = 조련할 거 + 라고 하다.


할 것으라고 is shortened to 할 거라고. 라고 is used for direct quotations etc. 조련할 거 is the future of train, 라고 (말)하다 is say.


ㄹ 거라고 = future ㄹ거 + 이다 (which morphs into 라 before 고) + quotative 고.


We will train: 우리는 조련할 거예요/것임니다. The suffix -라고 is used for indirect quotation. So strip off the ending on 거-, add -라고

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