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  5. "Hol van a macskám?"

"Hol van a macskám?"

Translation:Where is my cat?

November 1, 2017



Can someone please explain, why for questions like this, an answer like 'az en macskam' isnt accepted, but 'a macskam' is. And then every second question, it isn't accepted to have 'a lovam' because it is supposed to be 'az en lovam'. is there some sort of pattern to this that they don't point out to you, or is it yet another beautiful duo-lingo poop diaper that needs to be changed?


It's something that has to be fixed in Duo. Both "a macskám" and "az én macskám" should be accepted.

The only difference is that when you use the personal pronoun, it puts a bit more emphasis on the possessor. But both is correct and should be accepted.


Besides being correct, "Hol van az én macskám?" is totally unusual and unnecessary, most of the time. So that is probably the reason - nobody thought of it.

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