"I will get a job as a teacher."

Translation:저는 선생님으로 취직해요.

November 1, 2017

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If I WILL get a job as a teacher, why is the sentence in the present tense?


The polite present tense can also be used for definite future plans, and if hearing the korean, you would only know from context. I guess another answer could be ... 취직하겠어요


You're right. 저는 선생님으로 취직할 거예요 is more accurate.


The tenses dont line up exactly between english and korean. IIRC korean's present tense can be used for english's future tense if it happens in the near future? But i havent gotten that far in the course and i am on mobile, so surfing the web isnt the best.

Could someone with more expertise provide an answer?

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