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"My skirt"

Translation:Mein Rock

November 1, 2017



Whats the diffrence between mein and meine


Use mein before masculine and neuter nouns, e.g. mein Hund, mein Pferd.

Use meine before feminine and plural nouns, e.g. meine Katze, meine Tiere.


How did the word "rock" become "skirt" in the German language? What is the translation for "rock" from English to German?


rock as in large stone? That would be der Fels or der Felsen.

English borrowed the word roc from Old French; it's apparently not a Germanic root.


Just accept the fact.


Why did itnot accept my answer of meine katze


Why did itnot accept my answer of meine katze

Er, what? "skirt" is not Katze in German (and katze with a small 'k' does not even exist as a word in German).


If it is "meine" for feminine and "mein" for masculine, then it should be "meine rock". When did men start wearing skirts?


If it is "meine" for feminine and "mein" for masculine, then it should be "meine rock".

No, because the noun Rock is masculine.

The form meine or mein depends on the grammatical gender of the following noun, not on the natural gender of the owner.

Also, since Rock is a noun, it has to be capitalised; rock is just as wrong as, say, Ruck.

When did men start wearing skirts?


I was walking along a mountain path when a large rock loomed in front of me. I had to skirt it.


Is rock consert skirt consert in germany?!!!!


Technically you could say that but in German, "rock concert" is still "Rockkonzert" And the context makes it clear that "rock music" is what is meant.

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