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"Ich trinke normalerweise Kaffee mit Milch."

Translation:I normally drink coffee with milk.

November 1, 2017



"I generally drink coffee with milk" seems ambiguous in English. It could mean that when someone does drink coffee it is usually with milk or it could mean that when someone is a drinking a beverage it is probably coffee with milk. Is there the same ambiguity with the German translation?


Is it just me, or does the male voice sound unusually exuberant when saying the word "normalerweise"?


I noticed that too, but I would say the whole phrase I would emphasize the "normally" as well... maybe not as excited as him though.


Normalerweise is either usually or normally according to the mouse-over translations, but the word bank gives generally. Is it truly the same?


Well as someone like me, who lives in Germany. I don't think that "normaleweise" means Generally. And I don't think that generally and normaly have the same meaning I'd say that "normaly" is the more correct though.


"Normalerweise" clearly a composite word. Could someone decompose it for me? The dictionaries give a lot of different translations.


I have a question about word order here. In this example "normalerweise" is in the middle and given that you use "Ich trinke" preceding it. In a previous question it said "Gewoehnlich trinkt sie schwartzen Tee" and here "Trinkt" and "sie" are swapped from the normal order "Sie trinkt" and I've been assuming this is because of emphasis in the same way "Hoeher gehe ich nicht" puts emphasis on the height, is this correct?


The verb 'trinke' need to be in the second position.

So like in english, Normally/generally can go at the start of the sentence.

Therefore you can have it either way:

Normalerweise trinke ich kaffee mit milch


Ich trinke normalerweise kaffee mit milch

Hope that helps :)


my answer: i drink normal coffee with milk correction: I drink normally coffee with milk. does that make sense.


normalerweise means normally/generally, and not normal.

The meaning of this sentence is "I generally drink coffee with milk"

"I drink normal coffee with milk" would be "Ich trinke normalen Kaffee mit Milch"


I usually drink white coffee.


This is still not accepted. Did you report it?


In which country/-ies does one say "white coffee"?


"Typically" should be accepted for normalerweise.


Habitually, I drink coffee with milk


I worte "Normalerweise trinke ich Kaffee mit Milch" and marked it wrong. What is the problem here? Should I report it?


The "correct" translation has the adverb in the wrong place: "I drink normally coffee with milk." The translation given here should replace it.


In English, generally/normally can float into several acceptable positions: "Normally, I drink coffee with milk." "I generally drink coffee with milk." "I drink coffee, normally with milk." "I drink coffee with milk, generally." Oddly, "I drink normally coffee with milk" doesn't sound quite right, unless there is a comma after "I drink" - "I (do) drink, normally coffee with milk."


You are right they are trying to be strict with something that is not strict in english.


Milk with coffee, coffee with milk, both are the same.

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