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Some skills cannot be strengthen

I have a problem with Prepos.A, Colors and Present 1. I have done all exercises, but skill level has not changed. Why? Has anybody same problem?

November 1, 2017



I am also having this problem with Questions 2.


Same here with Questions 2


Update: I just did "redo" on the first lesson for questions 2, and was then given questions for the accusative forms of question words, which I hadn't been getting review questions for previously either on the general "strengthen skills", or the "strengthen" for the specific questions 2 lesson. After completing that redo, the skill bar for that skill went up to full.

I also have not been asked to review quite a few of the verbs from present 1. I'll try to go back and redo some of the skills there.

Perhaps under certain conditions, some words are not being marked as learned and so you are never prompted to review them?


O, thank you. It's a good version!


Yeah, that worked for me! Present 1, 2 and Past 1 were no problems now. I also noticed the change from 4/5 to 5/5 while doing the single "redo" units. For example after redoing the fifth Past 1 unit, the bar raised. So it seems that some specific word needed to by strenghtened - or just repeated! - that is not included in the general strenghtening vocabulary. Thanks for the hint, LeinadSpoon! Was the solution really that easy ...!? :-)

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I have a similar problem with "Numbers 3" I tried many times strengthen this exercise but it has not changed. Still are four of five strengths.


I have the same problem with those three. I've managed to get Prepos.A and Colors up to 4, but cannot strengthen them to gold. But Present 1 is stuck on 1 bar no matter what I do. I've done both the timed and untimed practice, getting all answers correct, and it stays on one bar.


yes, I have the same problem when I try to strengthen some of the skills. It doesn't matter if you get all the questions right or not. Glad I am not the only one experiencing this.


Same here. It started with Present 1, now many others do not react any more even if strengthening was completely successful without any mistake (Household, Past 1 and 2, Present 2, ...). Seems to me like a disorder in programming, but still individually different as we see in the comments here, so there is some systematical structure behind it. Maybe a program instruction kind of: 'You made too many mistakes in the early stage of your exercises so you are not perfect in these skills, therefore you don't deserve a strengthening upgrade any more' ... :-) ??

I wrote a comment almost one month ago in a Present 1 exercise, but no reaction yet. It would be very useful and nice if a moderator could give a hint regarding this situation.


You've got some good points here. I first noticed the issue with Questions 2, but I think that was probably right around the time I started Present 1. Several other people have also mentioned skills in the vicinity of Present 1 (with one notable exception of a person who mentioned Numbers 3, which is much later in the tree). I've noticed that Present 1 presents a large number of verbs, many of which I have not been given any exercises to review while doing "Strengthen Skills". I wonder if there's an issue with Present 1 that is causing other skills to stop being strengthened under some condition while doing Present 1, and the different skills people are having issues with are simply a factor of what skills happened to need strengthening right when they hit a bug in Present 1.


I have the same problem with Ordinals, Past 2 and Aspect. When strengthening I get the same sentences over and over.

But I'll try redoing the individual lessons. Seems like it might work :-)


Today, I clicked on strengthen skills like normal and was prompted to review a bunch of words that I had never before been asked to review from skills I had previously mastered. This caused two skills to strengthen to full upon completion of the review. Perhaps something has been fixed on the back end now?

EDIT: I am definitely getting asked to review a bunch of words I wasn't before now. It seems as though this problem may be resolved for at least me.


Indeed, it seems the problem was solved some days ago. :-)


It seems like there are technical issues specific to the Czech course, but this is my standard advice for this situation, which might be worth experimenting with just to see if it's fixable from your end.

But do remember, if you feel you understand what you've learned, you don't have to gild lessons before moving on. My rule of thumb: if you're doing new lessons and they're really hard or you're making a lot of mistakes/it's taking you a long time to get through a lesson, then you're probably going too fast and should slow down. If you're zooming through with no mistakes, then you could stand to go a bit faster. If you're making some mistakes on new lessons, but only on the new material, then you're probably going at about the right speed for you.

Duolingo tracks when you use hints or make mistakes, so if you are gilding but making errors, then your gilding won't last very well.

It's possible of course that you have some sort of bug; on any given skill, I have found that redoing the individual lessons and then doing a strengthen makes a skill very solidly gold. If you do this (without errors or using hints), and the skill still decays quickly, it's probably worth sending Duolingo a big report.

However, there really isn't any obligation to keep your skills gold as you go along, and if you are finding new skills are not too hard, then you can ignore your decayed skills without guilt!

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