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  5. "눈물이 수염에 흘렀어요."

"눈물이 수염에 흘렀어요."

Translation:The tears flowed into his beard.

November 1, 2017



why is it 'his'? is saying 'the' or 'a' wrong?


“the” or “a” would be ok in theory, but in practice, if the beard is attached to somebody you would use a possessive pronoun rather than an article in English. So unless we’re talking about a detached beard lying around being cried upon, “his” is the most natural translation (or “her” if it’s a woman with a beard ;) ).


"The beard" and "a beard" (and "the beards" and "beards" and "some beards") are all common in English. It depends on many things. And since this Korean sentence doesn't reveal many things, all could be correct. Time for some random examples from online news ...

  • For Beitashour, meanwhile, the beard has gotten him little more than cold stares from his wife.
  • And the beard is long — 40.5 inches to be exact. When the moulana arrived at school and explained to him the purpose of the beard the principal still insisted.
  • He draws on the natural philosophy of the Early Church Fathers, setting out that the beard was a symbol of the virtue of man.
  • The latest incarnation of the beard is a little longer and a little unkempt.
  • The beard in my faith serves as a symbol that represents one's integrity.
  • Getting rid of the beard should go a long way toward keeping him cool.
  • I'm no longer attracted to him because of the beard and I feel embarrassed.
  • I had the most fun shading the beard to be honest.
  • Both the oils and the balm keep the beard in better control and take away the annoying itching that can come with beards, they agreed.

Ooh that was refreshing and a little hairy (-:


While that might be correct in theory, it would sound a bit like a beard lives on its own.


I think its just assumed that the subject of the sentence is a male.


Not exactly, just less natural. Body parts are usually referenced with personal pronouns in English, although this isnt the case in languages like Spanish or German.


Women can have beards too ;)


Tears = eye water? That's cute


That's so sad and poetic and also funny


Would that make my dye fade faster where the tears lingered? suddenly has important Quora question


It's such a beautiful song.


This is hilarious!

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