"V oknech bylo mnoho lidí."

Translation:There were many people in the windows.

November 1, 2017

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"in the windows" sounds very awkward in English, "at the windows" is more standard. Is this a case of translating too literally or would you use a different preposition in Czech to say "at the windows"?


"At the windows" should be accepted since this is what it actually means


I have added variants that use "at", as Usage rates are about the same for both "in" and "at."


Hi Duo. Not sure what this means in czech but in english it means that they were in the window like something for sale! Is that what this phrase means in czech? A more normal expression might be "there were many people at their windows"...


The Czech sentence means that there were many people at the windows (either looking out or simply being visible from the outside).

In a shop, the things for sale are displayed in what we call "výloha" - a shop window.


Proč musí být člen před windows člen, když je to množné číslo?


Tady se používá. Je třeba se to naučit. Byli v konkrétních oknech.


English is not my first language but I think it is correct to say there was a lot of people because the verb form refers to "a lot" which is singular. It was marked as incorrect in my answer. In the translation above the verb refers to "many" which is plural.


Whether you use "many people" or "a lot of people," "were" is the correct verb form in English.


In the audio, I find that the female voice version of BYLO sounds more like BYL, whereas the male voice is clearly saying BYLO. I am curious. Do you have actual readers, or is this computer-generated?


It is computer generated and the female audio was added because the male one was not satisfactory. I do not know why it is still around.

Anyway, I can hear clear BYLO with the female voice.


Dík! Yes, overall, I find the female voice's articulation much better. Another question: Is work being done to have "Stories" in Czech—or is it already here and am missing it?


No, stories are only available to a very limited set of courses.


Thank you for your quick replies!


Should "In the windows there were many people" be accepted?


Possibly, report it.


I can't even figure out in which situation that sentence could be used...


Many people came to there windows to see what is happening in the streets. A completely ordinary sentence.

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