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Just paid 9.99USD

I just paid hoping that the timed practice will be unlocked and the freeze streak will be unlocked. Nada, the same impoverished Duolingo I had prior to paying. We need to be told what is the benefit in subscribing to Duolingo plus. We at interested in learning foreign languages, not only in the English test. I hope to see improvements and enhancements in the teaching method so that we will achieve our goal of language mastery ,as the other paid methods claim. I really had high hopes when I paid this admittedly small sum. I was disappointed. We shall see

November 1, 2017



Timed Practice can be purchased in the Lingot Store for Lingots. Once purchased, it is good across all languages.


This is not true! Not on my computer anyway. It used to be so


Interesting....I had not hear that before. :)


I can still buy timed practice from the lingot store in my language course (which isn't German as I AM German to begin with) .. odd.


I do not know why timed practice has been disabled on my computer for the last three months. Now, streak freeze is also disabled,. the comment supplied on both cases is "equipped". I do not know what it means


I'm glad you shared that information....When something is "equipped", it means that it is "activated" or "equipped". In the case of the Streak Freeze, it means that you have one in place. To use the Timed Practice - select Strengthen for a Lesson. You're brought to a screen where there is a blue button (for practice without a timer) and a green button (start timed practice). Pressing on the green button begins a timed practice. I looked at your extended profile here: www.duolingo.com/users/MariosKitr and it says that your Streak Freeze was bought on 2017-10-15. I hope that this helps. Best wishes. :)


There used to be an application in the duolingo store which used to cost 25 lingots. Once you chose it you were examined on the whole tree for 20 minutes and got a mark ranging from 1 to 5. This is no longer available. It the loss of this test I am lamenting about .


Sadly, when the software update to DL happened, the Progress Quiz for 25 Lingots was removed. Yes, I also miss that Quiz a lot - it was a nice way to see improvement in a language. :)


Here is a timely post on more details on the Progress Quiz as well as a work-around to get to the quiz. I have not tried it and do not understand the code wording: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25059157


It says this right in the Lingot Store:

Duolingo Plus: Remove all ads, download lessons on mobile and support Duolingo's mission


All the information about Duolingo Plus in the Duolingo Help Center.

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