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Could learning Korean first make learning Japanese easier

Hello everyone so I'm a native English speaker and University and for college credit I am taking German I am just about to complete my first German course and I would like to pick up another language.
I talked about this with my friend because I want someone to learn the language with who I can practice with on the regular basis and they said that crean would be fun even though I don't have a particular interest in Korean other than using it to communicate with this person. We just started learning Korean on Duolingo together and I wanted to know if anyone could help me out I heard that learning Korean could be helpful when you start dropping leaves and make the learning process for Japanese easier because they have similar grandma and I have full intentions to learn Japanese in a few years when I'm done with school so I can have sufficient time to devote to it it is the language I am most interested in learning. I guess my question here is if I learn Korean now with my friend and study it for a while let's say a year or two along with German would I be able to start doing Japanese after I have a firm understanding of Korean or will knowing Korean before I start Japanese somehow holding me back in learning Japanese properly I know this may seem like a silly question since I don't think learning one Asian language could really affect your ability to learn another Asian language in a negative way but I just wanted to be sure because I wouldn't want anything to get in the way of me learning Japanese someday

November 1, 2017



Yeah, possibly. They do have really similar grammar and a couple of similar words. However, since you seem to have much more motivation to learn Japanese, it'll most likely be much easier to learn that than Korean. I suggest that you learn Japanese first since your motivation will help you get through learning the grammar for the first time, and then if you decide to learn Korean later it'll be easier because you'll have a solid understanding of the grammar through Japanese. If you do it the other way around, you'll probably struggle with the grammar more when learning Korean without motivation, and then you won't have a good foundation for Japanese.


I'm a Korean Native speaker, but learning Korean don't help in learning Japanese except for improving pronounciations.


Maybe a little bit but not by much Korean is not in the same language family as Japanese but they have influenced each other over the ages.


I learned Korean first (as I lived in South Korea for six years), and am now learning Japanese (since I now live in Japan). For me, I think knowing Korean helps to pick up Japanese grammar more quickly than studying from English. I actually use a Korean-Japanese textbook to explain grammar rules, as it's much more similar than English-Japanese.

However, if you don't know either language now, study the one you're more interested in first! Motivation is a huge factor in the ease of acquiring a foreign language!


Korean only will help you to understand Japanese grammar more. Just it. But I think that there is the opposite: it is easier to learn Korean after learning Japanese. Cause in Japanese you also learn kanjis and they sometimes have similar pronunciation as Korean words. And you know which kanjis make the one word. But when you first learning Korean you don't learn any hancha (or only some just because of curiosity) so you will not see how the words work in Japanese.

I am not sure if I explained it clear enough but.. If I've learned Japanese before and I learn Korean i will guess that some words had had hancha and what hancha it could be because I know which kanji in Japanese I use for the same word. So I can easily guess that word for 'school' - 'haggyo' in Korean is made from 'hag' - 'learn' sign, and 'gyo' - 'school' sign (all because of knowing 'gakkou' in Japanese), and what is more I can guess that word 'student' in Korean will start with 'hag' because in Japanese it is 'gakusei'. It is all because of first learning Japanese kanjis and the readings of them.

If you want to learn Korean at first it almost don't help. But if somebody want to learn both of the languages and don't know from which start I will recommend to start from Japanese in this case.

kanji - signs in Japanese hancha - signs in Korean Both came from Chinese

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