"My nose is cold."

Translation:Meine Nase ist kalt.

November 1, 2017

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could it be "meiner Nase ist kalt"? because when one it's cold, we say "mir ist kalt".


That sounds odd to me, because your nose isn't a conscious entity with feelings that can "feel cold".

In mir ist kalt, mir is in the dative case as an experiencer - but noses don't really "experience" heat or coldness.


Is Nase masculine?


Can one say "Meine Nase hat kalt"?


Can one say "Meine Nase hat kalt"?

Not in standard German.

[deactivated user]

    What about "Es geht meiner Nase kalt"? Like your nose feels cold, similar to when you personally feel cold: "Es geht mir kalt"?


    when you personally feel cold: "Es geht mir kalt"?

    No; that doesn't work.

    Being cold or warm uses the dative case without es geht -- mir ist kalt.

    But saying meiner Nase ist kalt sounds silly to me because noses don't have feelings.

    Just use meine Nase ist kalt.

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