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  5. "양말과 운동화"

"양말과 운동화"

Translation:Socks and sneakers

November 1, 2017



I think that trainers should be accepted as in England we don't say sneakers...


Yes still a while after your comment it's not accepted, I really wish more people would report when they come across things like this so the app is easier to use for everyone, really they should be adding all variations of english to the possible answers, 99% of the reasons for people failing on Duolingo is a problem with the english answers not the target language


Arguably, runners should also be accepted as that is the Australian translation. Unfortunately, this app is very Americanised with its word choices, so we will likely have to remember to change our vocabulary to the American form for these questions.


Not even that "Americanized". Folks from the southern US call these type of shoes "tennis shoes". I never heard "sneakers" until I moved north.


I would really appreciate Duolingo becoming more accepting towards British and Australian vocabulary for certain things as having to remember to write in an American way for both Brits and Australians is extremely frustrating!


That's a cool name for an indie band


Socks and sneakers new album: The foot locker

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