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"Gewöhnlich muss man hier schwimmen."

Translation:Normally one must swim here.

April 5, 2014



"Usually" should be possible in my opinion. If it's still not accepted it should be reported.


The context that comes to mind for me is a computer game in which most people swim across a river, but a few use other methods (if they have the skill and the means)


Is this what would be said when one is on a journey fleeing the threat and a river blocks the way?


In principle this would be possible, but the "gewöhnlich" or "normally" implies that this situation arises often or regularly. So maybe a more probable situation could be when you are travelling somewhere and the only way or usual ("gewöhnlich") way of crossing a river would be to swim.


What is with the placement of "man"? Why after "man"?


Do you mean why "man" comes after the verb, even though it is the subject? If so, in German you can exchange the subject with some other parts of the sentence, as long as the (finite) verb stays in the second position. In this case, the sentence emphasises the "gewöhnlich" by putting it in the first place.


I can't think of any situation in which someone could say this bizarre sentence. "You must usually swim here" is wrong, so I guess it's an arbitrary string of words meant to be translated word-for-word.

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