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Is it possible to have duolingo in two languages?

I'm currently studying French, German, Italian and Spanish on Duolingo, as they are the languages I've studied for years and Duolingo is a way for me to keep my skills up.

I would like to start learning Catalan. However, at the moment, you can only learn Catalan from Spanish. Is there a way to study this, without changing the languages of all other courses into Spanish also.

hope this makes sense,



November 1, 2017

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No, your going to have to learn it from Spanish on here because the only course is from Spanish to Catalan. I mean, you can do the course from Spanish and continue with your other languages. I have courses in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French on here and its all fine.


You can't do this in English but the good news is that you don't need to be goot at Spanish to be able to do this my Spanish is still very bad but its was good enough fr me to complete the questions.


To add Catalan, you should click on the flag and choose "add a new course" - "I speak Spanish"- "Catalan". To go back, click on the flag, and the languages you study from English will appear. If you already speak Romance languages it will be interesting and rewarding for you to study Catalan. I really like this Duolingo course, after a month of studying I was able to read Catalan newspapers.


Don't worry, taking Catalan for Spanish speakers will not switch your German for English speakers course to German for Spanish speakers. :)


I agree with lizsue.

I'm taking Portuguese from English and Catalan from Spanish. I just did some lessons in Catalan and I'm about to switch back to the Portuguese from English. Everything will be the same as it was yesterday except maybe one or two of the lessons will no longer be golden. I switch back and forth every day.


You would just have to change your language back and forth in order to do your courses.

Whenever you feel like studying Catalan, you change Duolingo's language to Spanish and take your lessons.

Then, whenever you want to go back to French, German, Italian or Spanish, you just change Duo's language again to English (or whatever language you're taking the course).

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