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Can one advance in non-timed practice?

November 1, 2017



Yes, I always use non -timed practice because I find the timed practice stresses me out so that I forget what I know.


I do, But it sometimes doesn't work for me


Yes, but it helps to be under the time pressure. It makes your listening ability have to be sharper. I would do untimed for recent lessons, and timed for lessons that you are confident in. You can get double XP for timed practice as well!


Sure. You don't have to do timed practice at all. Non-timed practice is a good way to prepare to do timed practice, too.


Yes - I've only used non-timed practices in French. I'm finished the tree, am at Level 22, and have a high fluency rating (whatever). I like to do timed practices because you earn XP points faster, but when I tried it with French I ended up only earning 3 or 4 points because I'd make so many mistakes or run out of time. I'll move to timed practices when I feel ready.

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