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How do you type ー in words like タクシ一?

How do you type ー? I typed いち and selected the 一 but Duolingo said it was the incorrect character. Why?

November 1, 2017



You can type it using the dash (-) on a romaji keyboard, after you switch your input method to Japanese - Hiragana, and it will look longer, like this:(ー)


My first thought was what Arachnje stated, simply type a dash and the IME will convert it. Thing is, while "一" and "ー" look the same, they are actually different unicode characters. The first is the kanji for 1 (いち), while the second is the long vowel character in e.g. 「フォーク」(fo-ku/fork). So if you have to type the long vowel character, simply type '-' (as mentioned by Arachnje) and don't type いち as it is a "different dash" =)


Thank you. This is very helpful! I was under the impression that 一 was actually the number 1 being used to indicate a long vowel. I see now that I need to understand 一 more like an "accent" of sorts. And, therefore, typing いち doesn't make any sense at all. Thanks again!


Use Google Floating Keyboard, select Jap lang!

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