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  5. "무엇이 안 예쁩니까?"

"무엇이 예쁩니까?"

Translation:What is not pretty?

November 1, 2017



I knew some one will say that on the comments haha


You are not wrong if you are adressing me xD


Aawh don't say that. Everybody is pretty in some way.


Hate. Hatred is not pretty.


I just wrote "What's not beautiful?" and I can't get what's wrong with my answer.

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Beautiful has a broader and deeper meaning, and I guess they don't want to conflate the two.

For example, if you say "this movie is really beautiful", it means the movie touched you on an emotional level, or its message resonated with you, but if you say "this movie is really pretty", it means you liked the cinematography or found it aesthetically pleasing.

I personally think you can use beautiful when you mean pretty, but not the other way around.


Also, isn't beautiful- 아름다워? I thought pretty and beautiful were different words, although your explanation makes a lot of sense :)


whats not pretty is how long is taking me to finish this tree


Are we playing jeopardy


gasp you don't know what Jeopardy is? It's fine I didn't find out until last year, whoops


basically it's a game. you're given the description of something and you have to say what the thing is that is being described. however, you have to give your answer as a question. for example, it may say "the maknae of bts." you would answer, "who is jeon jungkook." (i've never watched anyone play jeopardy and haven't played it in school for a while so someone pls correct me if i'm wrong)


ooooooooooooo........thnx a lot


Well actually it is a trivia game, where there are different categories, like 'movies' 'sports' 'pop culture' etc and each category has 5 questions you can choose, each question will give you a certain amount of money. (200, 400, 600, 800, and 1000). When you choose one of the categories plus the amount (ie 'Sports 800') then it will give a question like 'What NFl team won in blah blah' and if you get it right you get the money, the person with the most money in the end wins. Also, there are multiple rounds.


Also the word 'jeopardy' means to be in danger or to lose something, which is why the game is called that because you can lose money.


A day at school Student: Mister, why are you fat? Mr. Garam: You offend me like that? Leave my classroom! The next day. Student: Mister, what food do you like? Mr. Garam: Bring me chocolate tomorrow. Student: What is not pretty? Mr. Garam: Student: Your fat face stuffed with chocolate. What kind of Kdrama is this :'(


All the beautiful things in the world


I am quite certain this was directed at me.


Every devastated Kim Taehyung stan

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