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Some simple questions

I have some questions that are kind of specific and hard to google. What is the difference between 魚を食べる and 魚を食べます? Do they both mean "Eat fish", but the ます one is polite?

Also, can you use the same particle in one phrase twice? Like if you wanted to say "my child of x" (where x dreams, flowers, whatever sounds nice) could you say「私の子の夢です」or would it require a different particle?

Thank you for helping ^^

November 1, 2017

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The answer to your first question is yes, the ます ending gives it a little touch of politeness, although using る would not be "rude" as some think. It is simply one of the basic verb endings, I would say. And yes, you can use the same particle twice as long as it fulfills a purpose; the sentence you wrote is perfectly fine, although I would have said 息子 or 娘 instead of 子.

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