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"The player from the third league scored a goal."

Translation:Jucătorul din liga a treia a dat un gol.

November 1, 2017



Is it correct to say: "Jucătorul din a treia liga a dat un gol." ?


The option 'a înscris gol' is not correct because it is mentioned he scored one goal: 'scored a goal', and not 'scored goal'.


This depends on whether the article can be omitted in Romanian, not on the English expression, where the article is always necessary. We can't say "scored goal". On the other hand I think I've seen "(el) a dat gol".


Good point! "a da (un) gol" but "a înscrie un gol" or "a marca un gol". The verbs "a înscrie" and "a marca" need an article, otherwise it sounds wrong, at least for me.

[deactivated user]

    Normally is he scored.


    "scored a goal" is fine. "Scored" by itself is usually used during the match.


    Why is it "a treia" and not just "treia"?


    We seem to need to put the possessive article before ordinal numbers. Here the feminine form "a" is used to agree with "liga".


    I don't know why but "...un gol" was marked as wrong anyway

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