"He is going to Paris."

Translation:Er geht auf Paris zu.

November 1, 2017



Ya.. Confusing.

February 17, 2019


Why is 'Er geht zu Paris' not correct?

February 18, 2019


Yes, not correct, even big wrong. If you are in one city to one city, for example Berlin to Paris, the you should using "nach". And the verb it self also wrong, it should be either "fahren" or "fliegen". So, from what I understand, the correct sentence, it should be "er fliegt nach Paris". If you are intented to go to bed from living room, then you can write "ich gehe ins Bett" - I am going (walking/by foot) to bed/ to sleep

February 22, 2019


From what I know, "gehen" is still ok in some cases, but "fahren" and "fliegen" are used more frequently.

March 6, 2019
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