"She would surely want more pies!"

Translation:Ea sigur ar dori mai multe plăcinte!

November 1, 2017

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While both answers can work in real life, 'ar dori' means she would wish for that, and the sentence said she would want so correct would be only 'ar vrea'.


Can a native Romanian please comment on the options for where to place the word "sigur" in this sentence because, in English, you can say:

"Surely she would want more pies.", "She surely would want more pies.", "She would surely want more pies." and "She would want more pies, surely?"

They have extremely subtle differences in meaning. So subtle I am not even certain I could explain them.

Can the word order be so flexible in Romanian?


fireşte ar dori mai multe plăcinte does not work?? Or have I misplaced fireşte in the sentence?


Is "mai plăcinte" the same as "mai multe plăcinte"?

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