"Kolik stojí?"

Translation:How much does it cost?

November 1, 2017

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If i translate that literally to german, i'd be asking about the score in a sports game. Might that be a possible meaning of "kolik stojí?", too, by any chance?


No. You can ask "Jak si stoji?" about the situation of your team.


So, doesn't stoji (with accent on i) also mean "to stand" as in "on stoji u okna." ? I've got it down in my notes as both "cost" and "stand". I'm not sure how those meanings are connected though.


It does. Then there is even "stát se"="to become" and "stát se"="to happen"...

Any connection must be at least a millennium old because it works this way also in other Slavic languages.


As a way to remember the "cost" meaning, I've been thinking of it in a rather abstract way, but it might be helpful to you as well. We have the phrase, "How does it stand?" i.e., what is the state of something? Which... can kind of relate to cost as well, if you liberally interpret the question. :)


If you wanted to say "How many are standing? " how would you express that in Czech then? That answer was not accepted.


I would think you may have to name a specific THING or GROUP to give it that connotation. But I'm a "learner" too, so really up to the native speakers to weigh in.


might be, if you are bowling, you could ask that way, I don't know, but "Kolik tam stojí." might be accepted. : )


Cant you say "How much"?


?? "How much" is a part of the main translation given at the top.


You can say "how much is it?"

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