XP contest!

Hiya! It's woof, with another XP contest! This one works different than last one's though.

Here's how it works:

1: Starting on the 5th, Each day/week (it will vary) you will be set a goal to achieve, e.g 200XP in three days, then after that, 30 XP in one day, then after that, 1235X in one week, etc. (These are just examples: They most likely will NOT appear in the game)
2: Yes, there will be lingot prizes. All participants shall receive lingots based on how many days they completed the daily goal in this manner:
1: Someone who completed only one day: 2 lingots.
2: 2 days: 4 lingots
3: 3 days: 6 lingots
4: 4 days: 8 lingots
5: 5 days: 10 lingots
6: 6 days: 12 lingots
7: 7 days: 14 lingots
8: 8 days: 16 lingots
9: 9 days: 18 lingots
10: 10 days: 20 lingots
11: 11 days: 22 lingots
12: 12 days: 24 lingots
13: 13 days: 26 lingots
14: 14 days: 28 lingots
15: 15 days: 30 lingots
16: 16 days: 32 lingots
17: 17 days: 34 lingots
18: 18 days: 36 lingots
19: 19 days: 38 lingots
20: 20 days: 40 lingots
21: 21 days: 42 lingots
22: 22 days: 44 lingots
23: 23 days: 46 lingots
24: 24 days: 48 lingots
25: 25 days: 100 lingots


1: Any player who breaks the guidelines will be removed.
2: Mods are monitoring XP contests because of scripters. If you are scripting, either your account will be deleted, or you will be banned from posting in the forums.

Sounds good to you? Join by commenting below!

Any questions? PLEASE comment below! I'll be glad to answer them!
























People who completed the challenge:

No one yet.


[TwentyOneDragons] [5]

[JaredGoat] [7]

[Cwpotter] [2]

[Lau_GP] [7]

[v3g] [6]

[StephanieOS] [6]

[Lemniscatarum] [6]

[Mindstorms] [7]


[Idkhbtfm] [5]

[Tiramisues] [5]

[Schultz9] [3]

[Afiyahl.] [2]

[ArmadilloTacoCat] [3]

(If your name isn't on here, but you completed the challenge, tell me in the comments and I'll add you on. Thanks!)

Note: To answer your questions, I am in the Eastern Time Zone, USA.

November 1, 2017


Thanks for participating in this challenge! Here are your lingots :)

Since I made a mistake with the chart thing, the awards will be given slightly differently.

Congratulations to Mindstorms, Lau-GP, and JaredGoat! You win 100 lingots each.

StephanieOS, Lemniscatarum, and v3g: You win 48 lingots.

Tirimisues, Idkhbtfm, and TwentyOneDragons: You win 46 lingots.

FISHINGDUDE1: You win 44 lingots.

Scultz9 and ThermopylaeHero: You win 42 lingots.

Afiyahl. and cwpotter: You win 40 lingots.

Octopede and N-A-R-U-T-O: You win 38 lingots.

Eva599199, JJT60K, Tiergan_, and Rgirl12: You win 10 lingots.

Congratulations to everyone! If you liked this challenge, join the December one! Thanks again for participating in this challenge!

(NOTE: You may not get all your lingots today. I don't have the userscript where you type in the number of lingots you want to give.

Thanks, Woof. Great contest, :)

Hey contestants! Sorry for being so lazy with the leaderboard and answering questions this week.

The goal for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is 290XP, to be completed by Wednesday, which is when I'll set the next goal. Good luck! :)


P.S Check out the new Chinese course!

I've done it :) just wanted to let you know since my name isn't in the completed list and today is the deadline (goal completed yesterday :))

Gotcha! Fixing the leaderboard right now! Congrats!

I know you guys are probably really sick of my lame excuses, and I'm really sorry. Yesterday I was really busy and I've been slightly sick lately, but I don't think that's an amazing excuse to not take three minutes to think up an amount of XP to gain, and for other people to gain. I'm really sorry.

To get to the point, the goal for 6 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) is 550 XP.

I'm making sure that I won't forget to give you your lingots on Thursday, so don't worry about that.

Sorry again for forgetting to add the goal.

Good luck with this final goal!


it's fine get well soon!

edit: i finished this weeks challenge

Get well soon :)

I hate to say this, but I think I might have to drop out. I don't want to, but I don't think I can keep up with all the challenges anymore. Maybe some other time. Get well soon and thank you for allowing me to join this one! :)

Since I'm an idiot, I didn't see this until right now. You'll get your prize anyway though! You did awesome with this contest!

Ok, this looks really exciting and I've been struggling. So, count me in! :D

Question though, are people allowed to take placement tests and challenge sections of their trees for this contest?

Yep! And thanks for joining!

GASP! You're joining! I am really looking forward to competing next to you.

I'm pretty busy and not feeling super well lately. So, between the two, don't expect to see a stellar performance because it might be rather underwhelming. ;) Still, I am warmed by your enthusiasm. ^_^

Sorry for the confusion! Monday's goal was the same as Sunday's, because I couldn't think of anything else, but when I edited the post, it refused to accept my edits, and being the idiot I am, I didn't realize that. Anyway, Tuesday's and Wednesday's goals are 190 XP in two days. To be finished by Thursday! Sorry!


I've completed the challenges but I'm not on the leaderboard :(

Hey guys! We have a weekly challenge, ending on next Sunday - Gain 1000XP in one week! Hope this goes well! Good luck!

I'm doing a new leaderboard thing. The number next to your name signifies how many times you've completed the challenge. If your name isn't on there, that means you haven't completed any of them. Just wanted to let you know!


Very good idea with the numbered leaderboard!

Whups, I only got 2 out of 3. I didn't even notice - Which one did I miss? Not suggesting it was your fault, I probably didn't add it up right. At least with 1000 in a week there won't be any problem with it. ;)

I forget which precise day, but overall, if you completed all the goals, you should have 740XP, but the leaderboard says you only have 600XP. You're doing really awesome though!

Ah, okay, thanks for the info! That could also be because I finished last Sundays challenge before the reset. Either way, doesn't matter. I just do it for the motivation to push myself and learn and that I definitely do. :)

Oh, sorry, I didn't know you did!

No worries! It really doesn't matter, I wouldn't know what to do with any lingots I would win anyways. I just wanted to make sure for myself if and when I missed something. :)

Are my XP not showing up on other people's leaderboards? Just wondering as on mine I've got 760(?) but when I get progress emails it all says 0 so thought maybe there's some kind of thing going on with my XP. Thx and sorry

Done! Took forever but I got it! :D

Congrats! Awesome achievement!

Hey guys! Sorry for posting this so late! The challenge for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is 250XP by Sunday.


I completed the previous challenge but I’m not on the list?

I'm pretty sure I got it now. I did 70XP yesterday and 230XP today so....yeah lol

What is today's challenge?

So, how do we have proof that we completed the challenge? I'll join though! Can we give lingot donations?

I'll follow you to see your XP, and lingot donations are accepted and appreciated, but not necessary.

id like to join. but I don't understand I how it works fully...

When the XP contest starts, I will set a challenge to be completed by a certain date, and you will try to complete it. If you do, you will receive lingots.

Xx_ShadowWeb_xX, I'm sorry, I need to remove you. You've been breaking the guidelines, and as I wrote in the post, I will remove any user who breaks the guidelines from the competition. I'm very sorry!

I completed the seventh challenge!

You're putting in a lot of work here Woof., Thanks!

Congrats! I gave you your prize. Sorry that it says I gave you only 26.

The lingots counter is always wrong! I got 100 lingots.

hoi, i'm temmie and evolved from sans,can u swich my name?(ᐢ●ᴥ●)

About what time (and timezone) do you put up the new challenges? :)

Sorry for replying so late To answer your question, I put up the new challenges at around 12:00PM - 4:00 PM Eastern time zone (I never remember to put them there earlier)

No problem! Thanks for your reply. Which country?

Man, I really need to start looking at the comments here more. USA.

Haha cool thanks

Do we have thursday's challenge yet? Thx

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for reminding me!

You’re welcome! :)

What's the next challenge?

I normally don't care much for XP Contests. Since I get the same thing from the leaderboard. But this sounds like an interesting idea for a challenge. I'm in. :)

I'm in!! Just one question. When it says Sunday's challenge, do we need to complete it on Sunday, or by Sunday?

On Sunday. Thanks for joining!

Hey everyone! The leaderboards have reset and the contest has started! See if you can finish today's challenge before I log on Monday! Good luck to all the contestants!


Wait, so does that mean the 150xp I already did doesn't count??? Do I have to do it over again?? :/

That depends. When did you do it?

A few hours ago, like mid afternoon-ish

I'll take your word for it. I don't think you'd lie about that. Yeah, that counts.

It's Monday in my timezone at this moment. If it is Sunday in your timezone, do you count according to what day it is in your area? Yesterday I got 150 XP, and I just got over 150 XP right now for the challenge!

Soo... I forgot to do this yesterday... D:
Can I still participate in the coming challenges?

Of course! Unfortunately, you will get less lingots, but you can still participate!

Hi Woof. Can you give us a Timezone to base our progress on? Or can you list two day's goals at a time? It is already noon Monday where I am but I don't know what Monday's goal is yet. Thanks! ^_^

Can I start the contest now, or is it too late?

Oh wow, I'm so sorry for posting this so late, I didn't see this until now!

Unfortunately, yes. If you're still interested, stay tuned for December's contest!

Okay, I'll do that, thanks!

No prob, Woof! I'll just do next contest.

I wasn't able to do the last challenge because I got busy with stuff but I will get this challenge done.

I completed the 1000 xp in a week challenge!

Great! Congrats! (I remember seeing yours at 999XP at some point and thinking, "Should I give her the points or not if she doesn't get another XP?"

yeah i was at 999, and i didnt realize i was so close so i looked at the chart and i was like oh! nice! and did timed practice to get like 3 more xps

I got the 1000 XP too a couple hours ago, if it still counts.

i think it should, but i would screenshot it just in case Woof. doesnt check until tomorrow, and that way there's proof

Gotcha! Congratulations!
  • 193

I met the 1000xp challenge! Finished late Saturday night :-)

Sorry for posting this so late! I was planning on a one day challenge, but I'm changing it because it wouldn't be fair considering how late I'm posting this.

Anyway, to get to the point, this one's a 2-day challenge; 400 XP in 2 days, to be completed by Friday.

Good luck with the challenge!


Things have been busy this week and so I couldn't complete the XP challenge recently. I'll definitely try the next ones!

i finished the 530xp challenge!

When are you doing another contest. It sounds like it was fun.

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