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Is usimg a phone the same as using the computer?

I only use the phone app- but it doesn't seem to have all the info. For example the discussion forums . Another example is I don't see info on how many xp points I have completed nor what level I am on.

(I am returning to use the app after a year off so I don't recall what it was like exactly before but it seems stripped of some info and items)


November 2, 2017



I honestly prefer the website to the app. There are just, in general, more features. Lessons have more options, you can choose different styles of practice, etc. Plus you actually write much more when you're doing lessons using the computer, whereas with the app you predominantly select words and put them in order. Would highly recommend giving the website a look-around and seeing for yourself


The website is far better and more useful to use. It's more challenging because you don't have to click on words to complete a lesson, which causes you to actually have to recall the vocabulary from memory.


The website is much more beneficial as it provides notes and tips in many of the skills. The app is really only useful for review, but even then I personally think the website is better.

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