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Any tips for learning German?

I'm sure there's been a post like this before, but anyone got any tips for learning German? I have a lot of trouble saying the words, and if I get it even a little right I still look like a chewing cow.

Anyone have any useful tips? Thanks!

November 2, 2017



Honestly, I'd say the best way to get better is to speak with a native German speaker. They could correct you. It would feel awkward, but in the long run worth it because if you're wanting to speak it. You'll have to start at some point. I pronounce my words correctly but still speak very slowly and can only follow few and not all sentences. So you best bet in practicing vocal, is to speak it with a native. I'd recommend a native that speaks the way you want to speak. I was taught by someone in Nuremberg so it's sounds different. Not a good different imo


I have started trying to watch YouTube vids and listen to podcasts in the car. I don't understand much of it- but I want to start soaking in the rhythm etc.


I do not know where you come from. But - In Austria - and I think in Germany too - is a pay-TV named "Amazon prime". There you can watch many movies for free in English or German with subtitles in English and German. It means - you can choose an English movie with German subtitle, or a German movie with German subtitle - or the other way round.

I'm learning English with this movies (btw - this is my first text on English since I'm learning with Duolingo - so please excuse my mistakes). I think this helps a lot. But I do not know if there are other movie-providers, which offer the same.

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