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666 - a bad omen for the end of a streak?

Today I'm very excited because I'm flying to Spain tomorrow for a holiday, but I'm also a little sad because I'm probably going to lose my streak while I'm away.

Sure I have EU data roaming, and my streak freeze, and my daily goal is set to minimum, but it could still happen for a bunch of reasons, whether it's problems with phone signal or power, or just that I end up having too much fun fraternising with the locals.

Today I reached 666 days, so I've had a good run, and I'd happily start a new streak again when I return. Still though, I'd like to keep going through to 1000 days - Wish me luck!

November 2, 2017



I'm sure you'll be fine—you got past 616, which is the number of beast according to the oldest known copy of Revelation. I kept my streak in China, where internet is much less reliable than Spain. Just remember always to check your streak freeze as timezone changes can do odd things.


It's only a bad omen if you make it out to be :) If you go in with a positive mind, your experience will be that much better.


Good luck!!!! Have fun in Spain, and I hope you get your streak to 1000 days!


Good luck! Awesome!


good luck man and have fun in spain :)


You can do it, pippipippip! You made it to 667, you can make it to 668. Do it do it

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