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  5. "고양이가 라디오를 들어요."

"고양이가 라디오를 들어요."

Translation:The cat listens to the radio.

November 2, 2017



I want this cat


이 고양이를 싶어요. 멋져요.


Not a native speaker but...

이 고양이를 원해요 - i want to have this cat

X고 싶다 - i want to DO X.

X을 원하다 - i want to HAVE/GET X

Ex: 보고 싶어 - i want to see (you); 계산하고 싶습니다 - I'd like to pay (lit. I want to pay); 김밥을 원해 - I want kimbap; 남자는 비슷한 것을 훤한다 - the man wants a similar thing

This is what I know. I hope I didn't make any mistakes


Why does 들어요 also mean hold?


듣다 => 들어요 (listen/hear) because it's an irregular verb.

들다 => 들어요 (hold/hang)

Context clues will be most helpful when differentiating 들어요 from 들어요. XD


"hold" was the first hint, but "The cat holds the radio" was marked wrong. I figured it was another of Duo's nonsense sentences.


This sounds really cute omg


It should be fixed to not recommend "holds" as a primary definition. I presumed it should have been listen, from context, but then again, an actual sentence was "The bed is food", so you know, I'm going to go with the first recommendation most times.

Please fix :P


Kinda like my cat. Especially to 24/7 k-pop radio. I say: I think you are Koreaboo(like me). Cat's answer is: I don't agree with you. 아니야! 나는 이것을 안야 처러미다.


basic type of first case is 'listen' is not 'hold' second case hold is that use when something holds up something and i can't speaking English very well


why do they mean the same thing though? answer in your language if you want :)


The root or stem is different. They have same spelling however for the formal polite. Tips and notes on the website has guides for what changes to make with the verb stem and the verb endings.

As for which is which verb...This is definitely where context is important. I can think of many times where I needed to change a word to another to make sure there is no misunderstanding. Sometimes because of same sound or same spelling or most often meanings are not the one I want. The word "mark" in English can be a noun or a verb. And as either of those, it can have many different meanings depending on which other words are in the phrase in a sentence. I marked the paper. Telegraph signals use marks and spaces. Just a few examples.

I'll have to pay more attention from now to the offered words to see if the tatget word is at the top of the list.

Sorry about edits, I had some typos.


이 고양이가 너무 귀엽습니다!


Why not is listening to.....


All we hear is radio meow meow.


That's smart cat


I upvoted because a loser downvotes everything...

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