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Why do so many Hindi speakers use the Latin script instead of the Devanagari script online?

I feel that I find more Hindi written with the Latin script rather than the Devanagari script on the Internet. Can anybody explain?

November 2, 2017



We find it easy. :) Hindi has a lot of consonants and vowels. There also are the 'vowel marks' that accompany each consonant. It would definitely be more complex than the Latin keyboard. I have never used a physical Hindi keyboard for similar reasons. It is quite difficult to memorise the position of each Hindi sound. We usually use the Latin keyboard. English is a widely spoken language in India and has a great presence in writing. People usually are required to know the Latin keyboard to work.

Setting up the Hindi keyboard is quite easy (like every other language) but we usually don't require one.

The Latin script is usually used for chatting and in non-formal situations and events. It isn't at all difficult to understand a conversation in Hindi even if it's written in Latin script. Furthermore, the way you spell a Hindi word in English is flexible. Hindi is transliterated based on the way it sounds. Some people use double letters to indicate a long vowel while others don't, the same goes for consonants. I think this has to do with the typing speed, the whole idea of typing Hindi in Latin is to converse in Hindi faster. :) What's more, not only Hindi, almost every Indian language is written in the Latin script when conversing online. The same reason. :)

I can assure you that the Latin script has little role to play when it comes to written Hindi. We always use Devanagari and not Latin unless it helps to pronounce a word easily. :) It's quite rare, though.

Literary work and lessons online always are written in the Devanagari script.

Hope this answers your question!


Kind of a bummer to hear. One of the things that have turned me on to learning Hindi is the beautiful script. Not being able to find someone to type to and have type back to me in Hindi script makes me sad.


It always bummed me out as well. But many Hindi speakers like me, use Hindi keyboards on their phones :) !


Same issue occurs with Arabic. :(


तुला मराठी येत' का? डुओलिन्गो मधे मराठीच कॅउर्स लागेल


I believe DL had problems getting people to use the English-from-Hindi course owing to the fact that it assumed every Hindi speaker had (or was used to using) a devanagari IME. I imagine this is just down to the fact that such IMEs weren't very good when computers and smartphones first became widespread in India (as a lot of ligatures are required, the input system requires relatively complex software compared with the Roman alphabet). I presume IMEs for devanagari are much better nowadays, so this tendency to use Roman letters will probably wane with subsequent generations.


It’s just easier to use the Latin alphabet over the devnagri alphabet for hindi since its easier to type and learn the Latin alphabet then the devnagri script, plus most people going to schools in India’s cities usually go to an English school since English is an important language in India so people prefer to use the latinised version of hindi when typing but nowadays there are easier ways to type on a physical keyboard it works just like the Japanese keyboards so in the keyboard when i type aa it becomes आ when i am typing the word mera which means mine it becomes मेरा and super easy to use


Where can I find a website that will teach me Hindi in the latin alphabet?


What you use for computer to type in hindi? on mobile I use gboard to type hindi.

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