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  5. "불확실해요."


Translation:He is uncertain.

November 2, 2017



Dear people, I mean this with all respect, but this far into the course, haven't you noticed that Korean is a contextual language? Subject pronouns are optional and everything depends on context. It could be I am uncertain, you are uncertain, he or she is uncertain. If Duolingo only accepts "he is uncertain", then that's very bad. But in real Korean, the subject is often implicit.


how can this possibly be gendered for god's sake


He, she, they or it are all correct translations for the Korean sentence. The pronoun is omitted so it can be anything depending on context. In English you can't leave out the pronoun.


This shouldn't have a subject.


How would you translate it to English without using a subject?


i feel like even "it is uncertain" would work better :/

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