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QWERTY keyboard for French

is there a way to switch the keyboard to a NORMAL qwerty when you practice French in DUOLINGO? I can never remember where the letteres are in the French keyboard.

November 2, 2017



Yes; on your computer, go to Settings Time Language Region Language + Add a language choose Fran├žais (or whatever your want). Then you can toogle between ENG (English) and French whenever you want to change the keyboard. The toogle is located on taskbar next to Date/Clock. Hope that helps.


If you added the French keyboard to windows you can also click on the language and go to option, there you can change the keyboard for that language (there are different French ones, not just AZERTY).

And if you use chrome I'd recommend using the DuoKeyboard extension which you can find it here

It changes your input language according to the one you are supposed to type in and you can even display a cheatsheet based on your physical keyboard (and the corresponding keys light up everytime you press them) it helps immensely to learn where the keys are placed and it speeds up the process for switching between keyboards a lot.


Try adding the International keyboard.


I have just made a post that addresses this issue, that you might like to check out.

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