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Time added during practice

For other languages, it seems like it's typical that ten seconds are added to the timer on a correct answer. In Japanese, it seems like I've only been getting five, which makes things much more difficult, especially when I have to match a number of pairs or type a sentence (which I much prefer to constructing it from pieces). I have been timing out frequently during practices, where I find I rarely do with other languages, despite three years of classes in university.

November 2, 2017



I didn't know, thanks for the post!
I agree. I feel it is sport rather than study.


I agree with your concerns.

Can't you just do untimed practice though? I wouldn't even think of doing timed practice on Japanese, especially given that it's a beta course. There are so many problems with the Japanese course, many of them not because of anything anyone is doing wrong, but just because it's a young course, like the vast numbers of valid alternate translations not yet accepted.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to do timed practice on Japanese in its current state unless they're specifically looking for an arbitrarily-tough challenge.

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