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Duolingo Website bugging up

Main Problems:

  1. I can’t see number of pots in Discussion Threads.
  2. I have to re post some posts.
  3. Duolingo said I have 295 day streak in fire at top and 299 day streak on posts but I have 300 day streak.
  4. Posts don’t always load.
  5. I have to re edit posts after I edit them.
  6. After I made this post duolingo gave me error 404

Minor Problems:

  1. Instead of celebrating with me people just downvote my 300 day streak post and dislike me instantly for no reason.
  2. When I make a community suggestion it just gets downvoted for no reason so no one can see it.
  3. I’ve been asking the duolingo staff to change some stuff but they keep ignorning.

Seriously. Is it just me? This website feels like it is f-a-l-l-i-n-g..... a-p-a-r-t

November 2, 2017



Just because people downvote some posts does not mean they dislike you. It simply means that they disagree with your post.


When prompted to say something (in German), the icon of the loudspeaker doesn't respond to my clicking/tapping


Hey guys, i was wondering if there is a way to remove a friend request notification from my profile. It seems my notification is stuck and i can not remove friend request that i have rejected or accepted from my profile. Any tips would be appreciated.

Sorry i know this isnt the right forum for troubleshooting but i am unable to make a new post under the troubleshooting section.

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