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Difference between Тут and Здесь

Can someone please explain?

November 2, 2017



Mostly the same, but there is a subtle difference. Здесь always refer to place or location. Like: Здесь нельзя курить. - Smoking is not allowed here [in this place].

Тут can in some constructions refer to the situation. И тут я почувствовал, что очень хочу курить. - And here I felt that I really want to smoke. It doesn't mean that I felt need to smoke in a particular place. It rather refers to situation and circumstances. Maybe I was under lots of stress and that's why I wanted to smoke.

Or like this: -- Может, перекур? -- Какие тут перекуры, работы полно!

-- Should we make a smoke break? -- What kind of smoke break [in this situation]? We're crammed with work!

Тут again refers to the situation: there is too much work, so no time to make a break.


"Тут" is slightly more colloquial, while "здесь" is more neutral. That's pretty much it. Otherwise they are effectively interchangeable safe for some idiomatic expressions that use "тут".


И тут я понял. (And then I understood) You can't use "здесь" here.


Here you can use "здесь" (here) — "И здесь я понял..." (And here i understand...), but if you using "здесь" you need to continue — What you understand?


"И здесь я понял" means that you understand the meaning of a certain "place" (for example, a fragment of a whole text).

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