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  5. "How old are you?"

"How old are you?"

Translation:연세가 어떻게 되세요?

November 2, 2017



But this one is not honorific.


You can honorify this one a little too by saying 몇살 이세요. Also there is also 나이가 어떻게 되세요 which is kind of in between 살 and 연세 in terms of honorifying. Hope this helps.


I got “나이 어떻게 돼세요” as a multiple-choice option. The only thing omitted is the subject marker “가.”


Also 연세 어떻게 되세요?


I got confused. The first one I learned was " 연세가 어떻게 도세요?" and then suddenly it was something new like this "몇 살이에요?" Why not just stick to the one that is honorific when that is the lessons we are currently learning..


Agreed. For those of us trying to type the answers (not using the Word Bank, in order to better learn spelling), these off-topic questions are especially frustrating. You are already struggling with typing out 한글, you spend time typing out the long honorific form, and then are told it is wrong because the question was very unclear. Poor pedagogy!


I believe this is due to technical reasons: every sentence can only have one default answer. Given "How old are you" turns up earlier without the honorifics, that's why it's throwing it up again instead of the one you've given (which should be the correct answer for this course).


Exactly no practice on this and hints weren't even close! Ugh


I dont get it the words dont match with the answer given


No context is given, and this lesson is for honorifics so why not accept the honrific form as the correct answer? These inconsistencies are frustrating. The later lessons get worse


In conversation, is it always assumed you're talking about the other person if you don't specify a subject, object or topic?


If you are asking a question like this, yeah. If you were stating a fact the more commonly implied subject is yourself. So "how old?" implies (are you?) while "25 years old." implies (I am).


❤❤❤ is this doing in the honorific lesson?


Why not 살입니까?


Is the verb 살다 or 이다 in this sentence?


The verb is 이다. 살 is used as a noun here to mean "years of age."


Is 되십니까 wrong?


I am not satisfied with this

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