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  5. "Forty, fifty, sixty"

"Forty, fifty, sixty"

Translation:마흔, 쉰, 예순

November 2, 2017



Hint for fifty: '50' Thanks Duolingo


Note these are in the Korean counting system. The closer you get to hundred, the least often they are used... and people often switch to Chinese counting system all together.


What happened to 사십,오십,육십? I live in korea and never hear these korean numbers. (Maybe because i didn't know them...)


There's two different number systems. The one Duolingo is using in this question starts with 하나, 둘, 셋 while the one you're referring to starts with 일, 이, 삼 (based on Chinese numbers). I personally have never heard of anything beyond 마흔 and the only place I've heard of it being used was in reference to someone's age.

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