"Poláci jsou naši sousedi."

Translation:The Poles are our neighbors.

November 2, 2017

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which to use? sousedi or sousedé


Those two are completely equal. I am originally from Prague and would use sousedi. I am pretty sure people from Morava would use sousedé... So, your pick.


What about "sousedové" -- if you see this question!


got to see it by a mistake.

anyway. Sousedové is not correct. That said I can see a lot of Czechs easily using that and you would definitely be understood and some people would not even realize it is not a correct word.


I translated Poláci jsou naši sousedi as Our neighbors are Polish.---this was wrong---The correct answer is ---The Poles are our neighbors. I do not understand the difference in these two sentences.


I am native AmE. I don't know how helpful this will be, but here's my thought, from the perspective of English.

If I said, "Our neighbors are Polish," I would mean that the people who live next door to us, or otherwise very close to us, are of Polish extraction, i.e., that they themselves came from Poland or that their family history started in Poland.

But if I said, "The Poles are our neighbors," I would most likely mean that those who live in a country (Poland) that borders our country (e.g., the Czech Republic) are, as a nation, the Polish people.

There is one other possibility, though, that may or may not be relevant. Let's say I live in a neighborhood where people from a lot of different countries live. I might say, "The Poles are our neighbors," meaning that it is the Polish family that lives next door to us, or otherwise very close to where we live, and not the the Spanish family or the Chinese family.

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