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  5. "Čeká dítě s mým bratrem."

"Čeká dítě s mým bratrem."

Translation:She is expecting a child with my brother.

November 2, 2017



The English here is somewhat awkward. A better way to say this is "She and my brother are expecting a child," but then it's not a good translation of "čeká."


How about "the child is waiting with my brother"


That would be "To dítě čeká s mým bratrem". Even in that particular word order it still is more likely that you are talking about pregnancy. To get rid of that ambiguity one would likely say something like. To dítě TAM čeká s mým bratrem" = The child is waiting THERE with my brother.

The original word order above leaves no doubt about pregnancy. Grammatically it might be a waiting child but no native speaker would even consider it be anything else but a baby on the way.


how one says "he is waiting for a child with my brother"


She is expecting the child with my brother - proč je to špatně?


Tohle mluví o tom, s kým čeká TO dítě.

Věta nahoře říká, že s tím bratrem čeká dítě.


how would you say the child is waiting with my brother?


To dítě čeká s mým bratrem. - this is an ambiguous sentence

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