Translation:We are going!

November 2, 2017



Do you also use it as: "Let's go!"?


Yes, we accept that as a translation as well


In the table of notes for this Present1 section, it offers as translations for jede: jede go (by vehicle/animal), ride, drive, come

So could this not also mean "we are coming!"?


My question too.


how does one know whether jit or jet is meant here?

we go by car to the bank jdeme autem do banky


You cannot use jít and autem together. Jít means to go in general or to walk. But by car you must jet, never jít.


Thanks, When you say in general what exactly do you mean.. ? walk I understand. Could you please give an example of the general use of jit? Thanks in advance


Jdeme domů. We are going home. (when leaving) - can be any going in general, walking, car, anything. And then many figurative meanings "jde příliš daleko" (goes too far), "tyhle šaty nejdou s mou barvou vlasů" (this dress does not go with the colour of my hair) - here English should also have "to go". And then many others where Czech has "jít" and English something else or English has "go" and Czech something else.

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